K L A R A  L A N D I N  L A R S S O N
Costume design and making

Studio project
Based on George Orwell’s 1984
Costume design and realisation

A contemporary dance piece stylistically and musically inspired by the absurd and grotesque Butoh dance, this show will contain elements and characters from the source novel, although taking dramaturgical liberties transforming the piece into a more abstract interpretation of the world of George Orwell’s classic. Setting it as a dance piece allows my designs to be of a more conceptual nature, less tied down by the weight of the iconic – and by now slightly tiresome - aesthetic described so well in the novel, making my interpretation operate in an entirely different world to Orwell’s one.

Keeping notions of class, hierarchy, and politics in mind, my designs are influenced by our contemporary society, and our view on fashion in relation to these aforementioned themes. However, most importantly none of my designs follow a strict template of the aesthetical nature of the piece, but are rather determined by the individual traits and contexts of that one character in question, to create a dynamic line-up of characters that clearly exist in the same world, while maintaining their individuality and recognisability.